About Us

A streak of self-reliance runs deep and strong through our family’s veins. The desire to solve problems for others was directly handed down to us from both our grandfather and our father. Our grandfather started his own contracting business which inspired our dad to get his license and start his own Crisp family contracting business more than forty years ago. In 2003 brothers Mark, Michael, and Matthew Crisp followed in his footsteps, obtaining a contracting license and setting out on a path to independence. Our sister, Rhianna, joined the company ten years later.

All along, we have remained intently focused on providing others the same satisfaction of self-reliance that our family has known for decades. We chose to do that, specifically, by making sure people can keep the power on when an emergency happens.

We are, to put it simply, generator experts. One arm of our company installs commercial generator systems for large telecommunications and public works operations across California while the other focuses on homeowners from San Miguel to Montecito who need to know their power is going to stay on even when the rest of the neighborhood is out. Our tight-knit crew and those who work for us honor and respect the Crisp family’s commitment to honesty and satisfying a client. We stay on the job until it’s done right and the number of customers who refer us to friends, neighbors, and colleagues speaks to our level of professionalism.

Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to meet with you in person to discuss the job you have in mind. We will give you a rundown on costs, timing and all the other aspects of putting in place peace of mind for your company or your family so that you can feel the same level of satisfaction that comes from the self-reliance we’ve known all our lives.